Thursday, December 15, 2011


I had recently started a blog on Wordpress but after finding out that it is so difficult to communicate with other bloggers I decided to move to Blogspot. 

I will be listing free vintage quilt patterns and/or embroidery patterns the first week of each month.  They will stay available for 1 month then be moved to my etsy shop.


Susan said...

I really prefer livejournal or wordpress, and once people find you (give out your url in every post you do in groups!) then they bookmark you and come back. Also, commenting on other people's blogs sometimes helps them find you. Open ID is not cooperating lately, so I have put my LJ link on an old blogger blog and people find me. =)

Susan said...

P. S., if you left the other blog up, why not link it in the sidebar for us to go look?