Wednesday, August 28, 2013

W.I.P. 8-28-2013

Been taking it pretty easy but have done a little stitching.

 Forget Me Not before and after adding some stitching.  Now have 6 of the blocks done and 6 more to do the stitching on.

Cosmos Block

Fuschia Block again pre and post stitching

Quilts waiting to be quilted.  Will be doing these as I am able am hoping to have them all done by spring time.

1.  Mimi's Bloomer
2.  Atlantis Rising
3.  Texas Teardrops
4.  Exotic Flower Garden (never shown here will post picture when it is done)
5.  Sharman's Garden
6.  Witches in Stitches Boo-tique

Will be linking to

Friday, August 16, 2013

I'm Back Part 2

This has been a long and difficult last year.  For the second time I have gotten the doctors okay to start using my right arm again.  Last time an infection flared up which led to another surgery.  This time I will be taking it easy and slowly working the muscles back up.  Between the surgeries and lack of use it will take awhile to have it back to full strength.  Other than that I feel great.  So I hope to start having something to show you on Wednesdays again.