Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Works in Progress

I have 4 main projects on the go atm.

1.  Witches in Stitches "Boo-tique" stitchery.  Haven't touched in a few months as other projects are under way.

2.  Mimi's Bloomers got the 4 corner blocks hand appliqued, got block 1 glue basted in place and about half hand appliqued,  the center block is about 1/3 hand appliqued. 

3.  3 Dimensional Quilt BoM - Last block is the class tomorrow so am starting to sew them together.  I am doing it as a wall hanging for the wall at the end of the hall so my finished quilt dimensions will seem a little odd.

4.  Need a new quilt for the bed so been working on a paper pieced design of Carol Doak's called Simply Radiant.  Still need to make 6 more star type blocks and 8 more connecting blocks.  After that I will do some other type of star blocks for another round.

My bad week

Sorry that I haven't been posting but with one thing or another cropping up haven't felt up to it.  Having trouble concentrating on my crafts which really sucks :(   

I had open heart surgery in May 2011.  Am still having some issues but nothing like before.  My husband has been out of work since beginning of Sept so the stress level is pretty high.  That isn't good for me.  Now our neighbors which until the last few days have been pretty decent (they rent the house and have been there for several months) are having problems with their dog.  He has escaped 3 times in as many days that I know of.  That in itself would normally be no big deal BUT my baby is a 4 1/2 year old Pomeranian,  there is also a Chihuahua in the house.  The neighbors dog is a pit bull or pit bull cross.  See the problem.  Stress level even higher.

Hopefully you can understand why I haven't been feeling up to posting and why I can't concentrate on any of the crafts.  When I do work on them I manage to muck things up.

Pity party over now.

Monday, February 13, 2012

It is Monday again isn't it?

I am sure we have all had weeks like this past one has been for me.  Between not feeling well and everything I touched going wrong I took the weekend off.  Guess what it is still happening.  Went to start sewing this morning and now have to sit and unsew a bunch :( 

Didn't get much finished this last week.  Been working on a few largish projects so won't have anything to show for a bit yet. 

You can always post pics of things you have gotten done.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Using wax crayons in quilting

Has anyone tried this yet?  I came across a few places that talk about it and was thinking of trying it.  I have read several tutorials now just need to find a picture suitable for it. 

If you have tried it let the rest of us know your results.  Post a picture if you want.

Monday, February 6, 2012

What I have gotten done this past week.

Sorry for not posting on Wed or Fri but as you can see I have been busy.  Things I got done this week are:

1.  The Fabshop Hop 158 online stores visited.

2.  Got 5 Simply Radiant Blocks done these were a BoM from Carol Doak in 2010.

3.  Got my corner blocks done for Mimi's Bloomers pattern from

4.  Got my February Angel done pattern is from this yahoo group

5.  Got the Aurifil Designer of the Month picture for Feb done.  Pattern is from  I didn't use Aurifil threads :(  Don't have any but am hoping to win some to play with.

So as you can see I am always busy.  Need to keep those hands busy and out of mischief.  Feel free to upload some pictures of your projects from this week.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Winners of the Happy Saint Patrick's Day Wall Hanging

The lucky winners are #10 and #27.

I was already a follower! I'd love to win the pattern. I'll let other lists know about it, too. Oh, you know what? Go to and tell her about your giveaway. She posts giveaways every day, and maybe she will post yours!


Again, congrats on 50+ followers! Quite a milestone.

I have sent you both your epatterns.  Congrats.

February Freebie

Here is this month's freebie.  Will be removed March 1, 2012.