Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My bad week

Sorry that I haven't been posting but with one thing or another cropping up haven't felt up to it.  Having trouble concentrating on my crafts which really sucks :(   

I had open heart surgery in May 2011.  Am still having some issues but nothing like before.  My husband has been out of work since beginning of Sept so the stress level is pretty high.  That isn't good for me.  Now our neighbors which until the last few days have been pretty decent (they rent the house and have been there for several months) are having problems with their dog.  He has escaped 3 times in as many days that I know of.  That in itself would normally be no big deal BUT my baby is a 4 1/2 year old Pomeranian,  there is also a Chihuahua in the house.  The neighbors dog is a pit bull or pit bull cross.  See the problem.  Stress level even higher.

Hopefully you can understand why I haven't been feeling up to posting and why I can't concentrate on any of the crafts.  When I do work on them I manage to muck things up.

Pity party over now.

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Emily C said...

Personally i think that pity party needs some ice cream and chocolate. I hope things get better for you.