Monday, October 24, 2016

How I do my Crazy Quilt blocks.

This is a block that I did for a Four Season - Autumn block swap for the group CQ for Newbies.  Will post a picture of the block I get when I get it.

1.  Decide on a paper pieced block design.  That all depends on the mood I am in or on a theme.  Do a basting stitch at the finished block size and again 1/4 inside so I know where to stop embellishing.  I then sew the block onto a larger piece of muslin for hooping.  ( Can add lace right into the seams but I don't do much with lace)

2.  Do the basic seam embroidery.  Again the seam design, colors etc depend on my mood or on a theme.

3.  Any other flat work.  Embroidery slightly raised embroidery etc.  This is also where I would add any applique or lace elements.  The center flower is Brazilian Embroidery, The black roses are Silk Ribbon Embroidery, the Moon and clouds are done as an embroidery slip (embroidered onto a piece of muslin then sewn onto the block.  I stuffed a bit of polyfil under the moon to give it more of a rounded effect),  The spider web in the lower right corner is very muted except in certain light then it glistens just like a real web.

4.  Now for the beads which can make a tremendous difference.  They aren't really showing up in the picture but there are a bunch of bold beads in the center.  When sunlight hits this block you have the center beads shine and the web glistening.  I am quite happy with it.

Monday, October 10, 2016

More of what I have done recently

Found the cable for my camera so here is a picture of my naked Four Season - Autumn block.  This is for a block swap in CQ for Newbies group.

This is the block that I had submitted for the 2016 CQ calendar.  It was an experiment that I guess failed; from the comments that I got back the judges did not seem to like it.

If/when I find the borders so I can finish my Labyrinth Walk quilt will post a picture of the quilt top.  I haven't come across them yet.

Summer CQ block

This was way out of my comfort zone.  I gravitate towards cool colors and these are all warm/hot colors.

I belong to a yahoo group called CQ for Newbies.  There are people with all skill levels there.  This is a block I did for a Four Seasons - Summer block.

I have a picture of my naked Autumn block but appear to have misplaced the cord to go from my camera to my computer. :(

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Am still alive and kicking

Sorry for not posting for so long.  Just had so much stuff in RL again/still.

1.  Family reunion at the end of May was not sure about going.  Glad I did but won't be at the next one.

2.  Stayed with my mom for a week before the reunion, haven't seen her since my heart surgery in 2011.  She said some things that cut real deep.  We almost left and came home mid week.  Am still dealing with that one.

3.  Had entered a block into the Calendar competiton and the comments that were given back were somewhat negative and I took it pretty hard.  I probably will not enter any other competition.  I had to rush to finish the block because I needed to have my last surgery.

4.  We moved.  From the time we looked at the place to the time we moved in was a whirlwind 4 weeks and 2 days.  Am still unpacking and organizing.

5.  Haven't been able to do any crafts because of  #4.  Almost to the point where I can start again.

6.  Have a few things that I haven't shown yet.  Will post pictures once I unbury everything.

Will try to post more often again.