Monday, October 10, 2016

More of what I have done recently

Found the cable for my camera so here is a picture of my naked Four Season - Autumn block.  This is for a block swap in CQ for Newbies group.

This is the block that I had submitted for the 2016 CQ calendar.  It was an experiment that I guess failed; from the comments that I got back the judges did not seem to like it.

If/when I find the borders so I can finish my Labyrinth Walk quilt will post a picture of the quilt top.  I haven't come across them yet.


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Oh well, they know more than me, lol.

Lin said...

The stitching on your 'calendar' block looks gorgeous. xx

Anonymous said...

I love your autumn block - do you have a plan for the stitching or are you like me and plan one seam at a time? We talked about your calendar block. It isn't a failure just because a judge didn't choose it. I look forward to seeing your labyrinth work.

Sandra said...

Just to clarify.

I am not upset because my block wasn't "chosen" to be in the calendar. It was some of the comments from the judges that said they did not like it.