Friday, January 31, 2014

My first finish for the year.

I couldn't show you this before as it was a gift that was given earlier today.  It is based on a BoM from Chitter Chatter designs from a few years ago.  The mother to be chose the words and away I went.  Here it is.  This has been finished since the beginning of the month.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Yes I am doing a second Hexie BoM

I jumped onto the Hexie bandwagon with both feet, just like I did for applique 2 years ago.  This BoM is being run by The Hexie Blog.  A block a month of different shapes so will be interesting.

Here is my January - Snowflake block. I hand sewed the hexies together then used a small zigzag stitch on the machine to applique the snowflake onto the background.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

January Finish

I got my one goal done for the month as stated here  January Goal which was entry number 110 over at ALYOF.
It had sat there with no progress on it for over a month.  The first block which happens to be block 9 of my Spring Bouquet quilt is done finally.  Also got started on another block.

Now need to find another goal for February. :)

Linking up to ALYOF  Finishes Party

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Soupcon progress

I am having fun playing with hexies now.  Just what I needed another hand project to work on.

Here is Part 2 completed.

Here is a close up of the flower buds.  They are sewn in with the hexie flower block but are free form on the top as shown below.

Check out what others are doing with their blocks.

Soupcon QAL

Crazy Quilt Progress

I redid my winter block  here are a couple of pictures.

This one is with some of the stitching done.  Sorry forgot to take a picture prior to doing any stitching.

This is with all of the stitching done.  Don't worry I have something in the works for that center block.

Will be working on this on and off for the next few weeks still.  Have some embroidery to do, beads to sewo on etc.

If you want to join in it isn't too late.  Carli opened it up to anyone that is interested.  Go check it out on her blog.  Crazy Quilt Along

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Christmas Gifts

I joined up with A Handmade Christmas Challenge (button on my sidebar if you are interested).  Have a few gifts in varying stages of completion but did get a bunch of these done.

These are crocheted necklaces that have a metal look.  They are a breeze to make.  I got 4 out of each skein and there is still enough for another 1 or 2 on each skein.  The extras will be given away on my blog as prizes but these 3 are spoken for as christmas gifts.  Gold  and the silver one in the center are for Misti and the bluish one will be for Larissa.

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Thursday, January 16, 2014

I must be crazy, have started another BoM

Couldn't resist trying these lovely Soup├žon Hexagon Quilt Along at Faeries & Fibres.  Button is on my sidebar should check out the eye candy.

So here is my very first ever hexagon.  My first ever EPP too.  Why start on a simple hexagon?

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

W.I.P. 1-15-2014

Here is my newest WIP.  Am learning Crazy Quilting with Carli over at Good Earth Quilting.  Good Earth Quilting

Here is my block without any embellishment at all.

Same block with hand embroidery.

Next step will be to add buttons.

Monday, January 13, 2014

What I am up to.

1.  Just finished a baby quilt for a friend.  Pattern is based on a BoM from a few years back by Chitter Chatter.  I love this layout and have found it in EQ7 so can easily resize it.

2.  Current local BoM blocks.  

This one I am probably going to sew together and give to someone for christmas.  4 more blocks to go.

This one I will probably keep for myself.  8 blocks to go.  Already have a setting in mind for it.

3.  Building Blocks with Leah Day.  Here is my block 1 done 3 times and marked for fmq.  I have been wanting to learn fmq for awhile now but could never seem to make the time.  This year I am making the time.  Can't do the fmq just yet though as my good machine is in for servicing/cleaning.  If you are interested in learning fmq go check out the Building Blocks (button on my sidebar).

4.  Quilt tops waiting to be quilted.  Hope to start working on these very soon as my strength is finally returning to my right arm.  Just need to take it easy as it is still a work in progress.  Will post pictures of these as I get them finished.

Mimi's Bloomers
Texas Teardrops
Forget Me Not
Flower Garden
Sharman's Garden

5.  A Handmade Christmas Challenge.

a.  Have the Barn Advent Calendar set colored in and cut out for my nephews.  Wont' be assembling them until ready to give to them probably at Thanksgiving.  The pattern for these comes from Barn Quilt Advent Calendar

b.  Have a second set of the Barn Advent Calendar printed out for my niece.  Same as above for assembling though.

c.  Have digitized a picture for my inlaws.  Will do the machine embroidery once my machine gets back from the doctor.  Was making a bunch of christmas free standing lace and my machine literaly siezed up so we will see how much this is going to cost.

6.  Am knitting myself some slippers.  Problem is that I don't really like the pattern to basically am making the pattern as I go so is taking quite awhile.

So as you can see have been keeping myself very very busy.  Sometimes too busy.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Quarter 1 Goals

Just a few goals for this quarter.  Somewhere inbetween working on 3 local BoM's (yes it is up to 3 again), 1 online BoM (where I will learn fmq), learning to crazy quilt, working on my Spring Bouquet blocks and various other projects I want to have the following done by the end of March.

1.  Slippers finished which I just started last night.

2.  Mimi's Bloomers is still needing the quilting finished then needs to be bound.

If I can get those 2 things done inbetween everything else I will be so happy.

Am linking this to The LIttlest Thistle Finish Along 2014 1st Quarter

Saturday, January 4, 2014

January 2014 Goal

I really need to focus and get some projects completed this year.  Between health issues, my right arm giving me grief
and other things I have several quilt tops and other projects in varying stages of completion.

January Goal is to get the block that I am currently working on for my Spring Bouquet completed.   Only have 1 and a half flowers left to do but it has been sitting like that for weeks already.  This is a hand appliqued project just need a day or two when I can relax enough to do it.

See the lower left hand flower it is glue basted down and needs to be stitched.  Also the blue flower in the bottom middle needs a circle added to it.  This poor block has been sitting like this for weeks now.  I really need to get it finished and put away.  

I am linking up to ALOYF go check out the other goals by clicking on the button on my sidebar.