Saturday, January 4, 2014

January 2014 Goal

I really need to focus and get some projects completed this year.  Between health issues, my right arm giving me grief
and other things I have several quilt tops and other projects in varying stages of completion.

January Goal is to get the block that I am currently working on for my Spring Bouquet completed.   Only have 1 and a half flowers left to do but it has been sitting like that for weeks already.  This is a hand appliqued project just need a day or two when I can relax enough to do it.

See the lower left hand flower it is glue basted down and needs to be stitched.  Also the blue flower in the bottom middle needs a circle added to it.  This poor block has been sitting like this for weeks now.  I really need to get it finished and put away.  

I am linking up to ALOYF go check out the other goals by clicking on the button on my sidebar.


Karen said...

Such a pretty floral applique block.

Teresa Nance said...

Hi, Sandra! I am a participant in the CQ class, and I am now following you on bloglovin'. Beautiful applique block