Monday, January 13, 2014

What I am up to.

1.  Just finished a baby quilt for a friend.  Pattern is based on a BoM from a few years back by Chitter Chatter.  I love this layout and have found it in EQ7 so can easily resize it.

2.  Current local BoM blocks.  

This one I am probably going to sew together and give to someone for christmas.  4 more blocks to go.

This one I will probably keep for myself.  8 blocks to go.  Already have a setting in mind for it.

3.  Building Blocks with Leah Day.  Here is my block 1 done 3 times and marked for fmq.  I have been wanting to learn fmq for awhile now but could never seem to make the time.  This year I am making the time.  Can't do the fmq just yet though as my good machine is in for servicing/cleaning.  If you are interested in learning fmq go check out the Building Blocks (button on my sidebar).

4.  Quilt tops waiting to be quilted.  Hope to start working on these very soon as my strength is finally returning to my right arm.  Just need to take it easy as it is still a work in progress.  Will post pictures of these as I get them finished.

Mimi's Bloomers
Texas Teardrops
Forget Me Not
Flower Garden
Sharman's Garden

5.  A Handmade Christmas Challenge.

a.  Have the Barn Advent Calendar set colored in and cut out for my nephews.  Wont' be assembling them until ready to give to them probably at Thanksgiving.  The pattern for these comes from Barn Quilt Advent Calendar

b.  Have a second set of the Barn Advent Calendar printed out for my niece.  Same as above for assembling though.

c.  Have digitized a picture for my inlaws.  Will do the machine embroidery once my machine gets back from the doctor.  Was making a bunch of christmas free standing lace and my machine literaly siezed up so we will see how much this is going to cost.

6.  Am knitting myself some slippers.  Problem is that I don't really like the pattern to basically am making the pattern as I go so is taking quite awhile.

So as you can see have been keeping myself very very busy.  Sometimes too busy.

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