Wednesday, June 27, 2012

W.I.P. 6-27

Well let's see.

1.  Atlantis top and pieced back are done.  Will get a picture once it is sandwiched.

2.  Mimi's Bloomers June block is in progress.  The picture shows the pieces glue basted.  Have started hand stitching it down. Will post a picture next week.

3.  Forget Me Not June block - Forget Me Nots is in progress.  Now have everything stitched down but the flowers. 

4.  Still haven't touched Witches in Stitches.

5.  Just started to play around with Stack n Whack.  Been on my to do list for awhile now so figured it was about time.  Nothing sewn together yet though.

So been another busy week for me per usual.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

WiP 06-19/20

I know it is only Tuesday afternoon but wanted to post this while I was thinking about it.  Works in progress are as follows.

1.  Witches in Stitches "Boo-tique" - no change haven't touched it in quite awhile.

2.  Atlantis quilt pretty much finished the quilt top, got the main body of the back pieced.  Can't work on any large project at the moment as I have hurt my back again.

3.  Mimi's Bloomers am about half way through Mays block and have Junes printed out.

4.  Forget Me Not - Have Mays block pretty well done for now, June block is printed out but no work done on it yet.

5.  Local quilt shop BoM - got my June block finished this morning.

Am hoping my back heals quickly so I can get Atlantis done.  Already have material etc for a twin size Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt which it next on the list.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Busy week

Well missed WiP Wednesday again.  Doing two shop hops at once right now.  The Wasatch Front and the Beehive.  Approx 35 shops within 4 days.  There is 5 of us this time so a little cramped in the car but we all know each other so no worries. 

For my WiP am almost finished the "Atlantis" quilt top just have about an hour or two left.  Got most of the back done as well (pieced back).  So hop to sandwich it and start quilting it next week.

Am also still working on Mimi's Bloomers May block.

Got my May Forget Me Not block done for now.  Need to do some stitching on it but think I will include that with the quilting.

Monday, June 4, 2012

June Freebie

As usual this will be available for the month of June only.  Then it will be moved to my Etsy store for a nominal fee.

All Year Quilts