Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Update on my cq blocks.

These are the 4 blocks I did/am doing for Kathy Shaw's Intermediate Crazy Quilt Class.

Hope to have these framed by the end of the month but that will depend on when I can use my arm without pain.  Started physio therapy yesterday and it hurts more now then it did before.

Here are 3 of my blocks.  The 4th one is still waiting for 2 more seam treatments then some motifs.  Also hope to have it done by the end of the month.

I am thinking of a black frame for this one.

Probably a dark brown frame for this one.

This one will be a Christmas present for my sister in law.  Will put it into a wooden picture frame with no glass.   The rulers are covering his name and birthdate.  I don't like putting personal information anywhere on the internet.

Here is the progress on my silkie block.  Will be adding beads after 2 more seam treatments, a 3d victorian style boot and a sequin parasol.  Those threads hanging down from the silkie are waiting to be couched down into bows.

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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Suggestions wanted please

Suggestions wanted please

Something is missing and not sure what to put into the lower right corner.  Also am not sure if I should stitch on this silkie or not.  Was considering stitching between the hat and his face, also just the sergeant strips on his shirt.  What are your thoughts?

The rulers are covering up his name and date of birth.  I don't feel comfortable showing that info anywhere on the internet. 

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

More good news

Lost 2 more doctors today.  Don't need to see them anymore.  However, I did gain a physical therapist.  I should have more mobility and less pain in my arm so the plastic surgeon gave me a referral to physical therapy.

Overall very good news.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Good news for a change

Doctor's office just phoned.  My mammo was clear so after my specialists appointments on Wed don't need to see any doctor for 6 months :)  YAY.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

W.I.P. - 9-3-2014

Didn't get all that much done this week.  Left shoulder was out of commission.  No idea what I did to it but it is finally starting to loosen up.

Got some work done on my CQ blocks today.  Both of these blocks are from the Intermediate CQ class with Kathy Shaw.

The task was for Sunflower, Daisy or Violets.  I went with white violets.  Have never done these nor the leaves before.  I think the leaves a too big for such delicate little flowers.

I felt that space under the wisteria was crying out for a bench so viola made one and am happy with it.  Will be adding 2 more elements to this block.  Will be working on seam treatments soon.

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Friday, August 29, 2014

What I have been up to - picture intensive again

Mainly concentrating on the Crazy Quilt class with Kathy Shaw.  Am having a lot of fun and learning a lot!

Here is one of the blocks that has the most work done on it.

I have something planned for the upper right and lower right corners :)  Just have to wait until we get up to those lessons.  I had only done 1 partial block prior to taking the beginner class with Kathy a few months ago.  Now I have plans in the works for a few blocks once I am finished the classes.

Other than that I did take some time off and get caught up with the hexie BoM through Hexie BoM got 5 of the blocks finished this week.  April's block was partially done for awhile now I had just misplaced it then other things took precedence.  May - August were all done over the last few weeks.

Monday or later this afternoon will be working on my 2 local BoM's and get the August blocks done.

As you can see I always have so much on the go.  

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

W.I.P. 8-13-2014 - picture intensive post

I have been very busy this last week.

Finally got my hexie quilt top done.  It is packed away until I can get some of the tops sandwiched and quilted.

Got all of the kaleidoscope hexies made.  Am thinking of one round of black around each of them then not sure what color for the path but will be a single row.

Border pieces for the kaleidoscope

Here is my progress on my Crazy Quilt blocks from the Intermediate CQ class with Kathy Shaw.  Keep in mind that these are a work in progress.  The beginners class concentrated more on the seam treatments the intermediate is concentrating more of other elements that is why the seams are not embellished yet.

Am currently working on the frame around the silkie.

My very first web and spider.

My first monogram

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