Monday, March 20, 2017

3-20-2017 A Finish

Here is my Four Seasons - Spring block for the CQ for Newbies Swap.  Wasn't how I had it planned:  ran into difficulty doing what I wanted.  So I ended up settling.

Have one of my CQJP2015 blocks quilted and ready for binding.  Will show that one when it is completed.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Finally a finish!

I have been feeling sorry for myself and have been feeling very frustrated.  Have had hand/finger injuries one after the other for the past few months.  Now they all finally seem to be healed and I can stitch again.

Got these all quilted/bound/hanging sleeves attached.  These with what I already have done from a few years ago;  I now have something for all holidays except Easter and need something patriotic.  Hope to have something for those 2 holidays by the end of the year.

Next project(s) are to get these ready to hang.  Decided to do them as single wall hangings and have the perfect spot for 10 possibly 12 of them in my living room.  Still need to do the blocks for November and December.  The blocks are pieced but have not even started on the seams.

Hope to have something else to show you in the next week or 2.  Am also busy working in the yard/garden and the weather has been so mild that I can get a head start.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

2-13-2017 better late than never

I meant to post on Monday but one thing led to another and I got busy and it slipped my mind.

I have 7 mini wallhangings with the binding and sleeves on just need to hand sew the bottom of the sleeves.

Made up 2 CQ block bases for a swap.  Have most of the seams done on 1 of them but now I need to take a break from all hand work.

This winter has been real hard on my skin.  It has been so dry and cold that my skin and nails are having fits.  I broke my thumb nail awhile ago and it split down into the pink (owie).  Now it is curling and causing my skin to split.  Thought it was healed but the embroidery yesterday split it open again.  So will be taking a break from all hand crafts until the silly thing heals.

Will keep you posted.  Guess today I tidy my sewing room and get ready to machine quilt.

Thursday, February 9, 2017


Sorry I haven't been posting but have been fighting some weird flu or something.  Have not gotten hardly anything done the last week and half.  Will hopefully have something to post next Monday again.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Jan. 23-2017

I got my block for CQ for Newbies swap finished.  There is a yellow tint in the picture that is NOT there in person.  Hope whoever received it will enjoy it.

The 3 rose buds are done.  Currently working on partial open roses.  Have 1 and a half crocheted.  Also have 3 Calla Lilies crocheted.  

Plans for this week:

Get some more flowers crocheted.

Start quilting my Labrynth quilt.

Possibly work on my Secret Garden CQ block.  

Monday, January 16, 2017

Week of 1-16-2017

Got this flower made up.  Not going to put it on a stem as it will be going to John's work and on his desk.

Have these Rose buds crocheted still need to sew in a few ends on the sepals.  These should be finished in a couple of days.  Dont' get much done when John is home and he is home today.

This is a CQ block am working on for the CQ for Newbies "Four Seasons - Winter" swap.  It should also be finished this week.

Am also planning on working on some "Fizzy Toilet Bombs" today.  Will be the first time so am hoping they work as I am not putting in the amount of essential oils they say to use.  Want just a hint of scent not stink me out of the house.

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