Wednesday, March 25, 2015

ALYoF - March 2015

This is kind of a double post and for that I apologize.

For the goal setting I was #29 for the finishing # 9.

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Monday, March 23, 2015

Have a few finishes :)

First up my March CQJP2015 block  Those sequins on and around the pot are all gold even though they look red from the flash.

Here is my Feathered Star block.  Am taking a class once a month for 9 months.  Will be doing 8 - 10 blocks during that time.  Everything fit near perfectly except for the squares in the corners.  I was not going to redo everything so just added fabric around the edges then trimmed it up/

Next R2D2 is finished.  Will be going to it's home at the end of the month.

Last but not least my hand quilting table/bed runner is finished.  I took a class last month on hand quilting:  had never done it before.  This runner is 5 panels long and 1 panel wide (panel - heart and border).  I hope the quilting shows up when you expand the picture.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

W.I.P. 3-3-2015

Been trying to get the R2D2 quilt done.  Have everything appliqued down except for the 2 blue circles on the middle leg.  Not sure if they are needed or note.  It is not as crooked as it appears in this photo that is the way it is hanging.

The colors are off for some reason.  Background is a dark blue with black.  The head is a dark gray and the body is a light gray.

What do you think should I applique those 2 blue circles or remove them?

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Monday, March 2, 2015

March Goals for A Lovely Year of Finishes

I want to get the R2D2 quilt finished.

It has appliqued onto the head and body parts now and even pinned onto the background awaiting to be appliqued.  I have a quilting plan in mind so hopefully I can get this finished this month.

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Saturday, February 14, 2015

What I have been working on

Done some work on my CQJP 2015 March block.  Will post a picture of that on Wed or so.

Most of my time lately has been taken up with

1.  Bali Bedrunner - took a class last Jan 23 & 24 where I got a few of each type of piece done.  Got all my pieces made and trimmed so finally took a picture to show you.

These are roughly laid out there are still a few pieces to be added in once some of the pieces are joined as you can tell by the gaps inbetween some of the pieces.  The missing parts are just little squares.  This is one end of the bedrunner.  It will be 104 inches long.

2.  R2D2 - one of the ladies at John's work is expecting and has requested a R2D2 quilt.  So here is the drawing and pieces up on my board.  The pieces are still waiting to be prepped for machine applique.  I am going to use the starch & freezer paper to prep them then will use invisible machine applique.  The main body will be light grey with the head being dark grey.  The background is a dark blue with stars.

Monday, February 9, 2015

CQJP2015 - February block

Here it is.

The boy and girl are done with crayon tinting then outlined.  The spider is done with buttons,  The butterfly is done with heart shaped sequins.   Add in some silk ribbon flowers and some dmc/pearl cotton seam treatments with beads here and there and it is done. (actually was finished towards the end of January 2015)

Started working on my March block.  Almost have all of the seam treatments stitched but still needs beads/sequins, then need to add a few other elements as well as 3 charms.

Monday, January 26, 2015

UFO's I want done this year

Quilts in progress

Spring Bouquet - applique - 2 blocks done
Bali Bedrunner - paper piecing just started on Jan 23
R2D2 - applique just starting for a friend
Hexie BoM - have the hex part done but still need to stitch them onto the background for Oct, Nov                            and Dec.
My Sisters BoM - pieced
Floyd's BoM - pieced

Blocks done but need to be sewn together.

Stack n Whack 2
Hexie 2

Quilts waiting for backing

Stack n Whack 1
Sharman's Vintage Garden
Noah's Ark
Hexie 1
Floyd's 2014 BoM

Quilts waiting to be quilted

Atlantis Rising - approx 1/2 done
Mimi's Bloomers - approx 2/3 done
Forget Me not

As you can see I will have a very busy and hopefully productive year.  I will try to post pictures as I move items from one category to another.  I will also try to update this list each month.