Thursday, July 18, 2019

Silk Threads

Sorry haven't posted in quite awhile.  Been going through some stuff.

Anyway,  I am taking a class with Kathy Shaw and we are using silk threads.  Here are the threads I am using.

Top Right - Flat Silk from JEC (I get it from California)

Top Left - Soie No 30 made in France (won these at Needle n Thread they can be purchased from Needle in a Haystack)

Bottom Right - Pipers Silk Thread (from England)

Lower Left - have more of these ones.  They come in # 5, #8, and #12.  Made in Switzerland but I can purchase these locally.

My critique

The threads from JEC are very prone to static and somewhat difficult to work with.  They are thicker than the Pipers and do not need to be doubled.  They are supposed to be separable but every time I have tried it wasn't pretty.  Will not purchase these again.

The Soie threads are fantastic to work with but are thicker.  Once I stock up on Pipers will start looking at these, need to find the store again.

Pipers threads are a dream to work with compared to JEC.  They are finer and I have been using them doubled.  I also just placed an order for more of them.

The Swiss threads are also great to work with.  They are twisted so not staticy and the sizes are equivalent to Perle threads in the corresponding weight.  Will over time purchase more of these.

Saturday, December 29, 2018


Hope everyone had a great 2018.

I hope to have something to show you soon.  Haven't been doing much of any crafts lately.  Still adjusting to going back to work even though it is just part time.

Tomorrow I plan on making up a bunch of my blocks for the beetle body.  Still have some of the legs to stitch as well and I will get to back to them soon.

Saturday, December 15, 2018

Been busy

Sorry for not posting the last couple of weeks.  Haven't been doing much stitching.

I started a job 2 weeks ago and my system is still adjusting.  Have been out of the workforce for 15 years.  Slowly getting used to it then will be able to do more stitching.

4x12" blocks (5 seams)                                                    5/8

4x8" 8 blocks (3 seams)                                                        8/8 another

triangle 44 blocks (only 1 seam)                                          44/44

body blocks sewn up (3 to 5 seams per block)                      0/55

I did get 2 or 3 more of the 4x8" blocks done and 5/8 of the 4x12".  So did get some stuff done since my last update.  Hope to get 1 or 2 more blocks done this coming week.

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

My new favorite CQ seam

Just finished this seam and it is my new favorite.

It is a variation of seam #258 from this book

Friday, November 16, 2018

Beetle CQ Progress 11-16-2018

Have had a lot on the go but did get some work done

4x4" 6 blocks (only 1 seam)                                                   6/6

4x8" 8 blocks (3 seams)                                                         5/8 another

triangle 44 blocks (only 1 seam)                                          44/44

body blocks sewn up (3 to 5 seams per block)                      0/55

So with everything that was going on around here I did manage to get the 6 singles and 4 more doubles done. 

Hope to have the legs blocks done and sewn together within the next 3 to 4 weeks.

However, I do need to get some of the body blocks sewn up as I am using those for CQJP2019.

Monday, November 5, 2018

Beetle CQ progress 11-5-2018

Have all of the triangle blocks done. Plus 1 of the 4x8" blocks done.  Would have been more but have been too distracted to work the last few days John was laid off on Thursday so have not been in the mood to do any crafts.

4x4" 6 blocks (only 1 seam)                                                   0/6

4x8" 8 blocks (3 seams)                                                         1/8

4x12" 8 blocks (5 seams)                                                       0/8   

triangle 44 blocks (only 1 seam)                                          44/44

body blocks sewn up (3 to 5 seams per block)                      0/55

I have signed up for CQJP2019 for the body blocks just hoping with recent happeneings that I can accomplish as much as I want to.

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Progress report on the Beetle CQ

Been working on the triangles first.

Out of the 44 I have 23 and a half done.  Will show pictures once the legs are all sewn together.

On a different note I saw these on pinterest one day and had to make one.  I have the beads for a few more as well.