Friday, December 27, 2013

End of Year hunt for BoM's

Have started seeing the posts about new BoM's for 2014.  Which ones are you interested in?

I have 2 local ones on the go still but after these 2 doubt I will sign up for another local one.  I just get too busy and this is the year to finish up a bunch of stuff that I have been unable to do for the past year and half.

I will be doing 2 online BoM's have signed up for both already.  Building Blocks with Leah Day and Crazy Quilt Along with Caroline Heinrichs of Good Earth Quilting. Buttons on my side bar.  I think these 2 will keep me quite busy.  I have only done a few small crazy quilting items so that one will be interesting and am hoping for some relaxing hand stitching.  The Building Blocks is more for the fmq aspect.  Have all of my fabric cut out already and even pieced a few of the blocks.  Wanted to get a little ahead as my machine needs to go in for cleaning so will be without it for a few weeks.

Please post any BoM's that you have your eye on.  Even if I can't do them I can always collect them for later.


Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas

Sorry I haven't been posting but I have had so much on the go that I just haven't had a chance.

Have a very MERRRY CHRISTMAS and I hope you all have a wonderful holiday.


Thursday, December 19, 2013

W.I.P. 12 - 18 - 2013

Still have a bunch of quilt tops awaiting quilting.  Hope to get to them right after Christmas.  Next year will be a busy one for me.  Have commited to 2 BoM/W's so far.  One crazy quilting (have only done small blocks without embellishments), and one piecing & FMQ.  Check my sidebar if you want more info.

1.  Working on Spring Bouquet.  I can't sit still and do nothing even while watching tv so need some type of             hand occupier.  Using the freezer/template and starch method.

The last of my homemade decorations.  This will be turned into 15 little angels.

  1. Will be linking up to Esther WIP.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Drum Roll Please - SMS Giveaway Winners

There he goes again.  He does love those Snap cookies.

International - Gill from England

U.S. - Karen Christensen from Arizona

Will be sending the emails in just a few minutes.

Grats to both of you.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Sew Mama Sew giveaway week


Make sure you check out all the blogs and hopefully make some new blog friends.  Lots of fun to be had and lots of drawings will be held.  Starts today and ends on Friday December 13, 2013.

So you ready to for the drawings.  Yes there is a plural there.  I will be drawing 1 international, and 1 United States.  Each will receive a Baby Item Quilt pattern which is my own design via email.

Sorry for the not so great photos.  Each of the main  blocks has a baby item embroidered on it.  Items range from bottle to infant swing.

So here is your "hoop" to jump through.  Leave a comment with your location.  Country or U.S. state.  If you do not include these in your comment you will not be entered.  All entries must have a valid email attached to their posting account.

Go check out the other blogs that are participating here SewMamaSew

Our somewhat unique drawing procedure is as follows:

1.  All entries will be separated by International or U.S.
2.  Each entry will be written out and placed into a hat
3.  Once we have stirred up each set of entries we will then dump the International Entries onto the floor
4.  The Sewing Supervisor (aka Rusty) will run into the room and grab a piece of paper from the floor.  (He has been trained to turn in scraps of material and basically anything else that drops on the floor)  His training costs a Variety Snaps cookie, which he adores.
5.  The process will be repeated for the U.S. entries.
6.  Chosen winners will be notified via Email.

Due to the high volume that can happen during blog hops I may not get a chance to respond to everyone.