Monday, January 23, 2017

Jan. 23-2017

I got my block for CQ for Newbies swap finished.  There is a yellow tint in the picture that is NOT there in person.  Hope whoever received it will enjoy it.

The 3 rose buds are done.  Currently working on partial open roses.  Have 1 and a half crocheted.  Also have 3 Calla Lilies crocheted.  

Plans for this week:

Get some more flowers crocheted.

Start quilting my Labrynth quilt.

Possibly work on my Secret Garden CQ block.  

Monday, January 16, 2017

Week of 1-16-2017

Got this flower made up.  Not going to put it on a stem as it will be going to John's work and on his desk.

Have these Rose buds crocheted still need to sew in a few ends on the sepals.  These should be finished in a couple of days.  Dont' get much done when John is home and he is home today.

This is a CQ block am working on for the CQ for Newbies "Four Seasons - Winter" swap.  It should also be finished this week.

Am also planning on working on some "Fizzy Toilet Bombs" today.  Will be the first time so am hoping they work as I am not putting in the amount of essential oils they say to use.  Want just a hint of scent not stink me out of the house.

Am linking up with Esther Aliu's WOW

Friday, January 6, 2017

WIP's - misc.

BEADING - These were supposed to be made into little bags and given for Christmas gifts.  Were misplaced during the move so maybe this year :)

TATTING - My new addiction Ice Drops.  These are so pretty and would like to have enough to decorate the tree this year plus some to give away as gifts.  My tatting is still slow going until I get my calluses back.

CRAZY QUILTING - I had submitted this as an entry for the 2017 CQ Calendar.  I wasn't going to but hubs talked me into it.  Well...we all know how that turned out.  I want to take the time to finish it the way I had originally wanted to but had run out of time.  (Needed to get ready for surgery then was out of commission for almost 2 months, then went on holidays).

Changes that I want to make.  

1.  Get rid of the butterfly beads and embroidery some insects in their place.

2.  Fix the path way with what would look like a little bullion fence on both sides.

CROCHET - Crocheted flowers  I have a few of her patterns and would like to make a nice bouquet for my living room.

Along with all of these (3 posts worth) I have various other items on the go.  This year I want to use to get things done.

Machine Quilting WIP's

 MQ 1 & 2 - Will not have much quilting on them.  I did embellish both of them though.

MQ 3 - Bargello with some batik.  Am thinking of small swells for the quilting.  The binding will be the 2 orangish fabric in a about a 3 or 4 inch stripe.

MQ 4 -  This is a BoM of Esther Aliu's a few years ago.  Don't want to quilt over top of the applique so not sure how I will quilt it.

 MQ 5 - Labyrinth quilt.  Have had this top done for quite awhile.  Am thinking straight line quilting and with shadowing outside of the design.

 MQ 6 - Bali Bedrunner.  Am thinking of stitch in the ditch for a start.  The offwhite sections will need something more but haven't decided yet.

 MQ 7 - This was a block of the month at a LQS.  Haven't decided how to quilt it yet.

Hand Quilting WIP'S

HQ 1: Two fabric applique whimsical Christmas Tree.  About 1/3 quilted.

HQ 2 - 6:  A variety of stitcheries.  These will not have much quilting on them.

HQ7 - Am not happy with the corners so will remove them making it a hexagon shaped quilt.  Will quilt it a giant spiral from the center.  Still needs backing and binding (though I had some but can't seem to find it).  The picture only shows a section.

More posts coming still have machine quilting wip's, needing backing & binding wip's, and then the unfinished quilt top wip's

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year everyone

Sorry I have not been posting much.  Have had so much going on.

We moved mid September, still have a few boxes here and there with misc stuff.

Shortly after moving I cut my finger and finger nail, 4 stitches and about 2 months later I finally have full use of my left index finger again.  The nail had to be kept covered until it grew out enough to be cut back.

Add that to the fact that Oct - Dec are always bad times for me.  Miss my sons over the holidays.  Is hard being so far away from them.

Will try posting more regularly.  This is the year that I want to get a bunch of stuff finished.