Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year everyone

Sorry I have not been posting much.  Have had so much going on.

We moved mid September, still have a few boxes here and there with misc stuff.

Shortly after moving I cut my finger and finger nail, 4 stitches and about 2 months later I finally have full use of my left index finger again.  The nail had to be kept covered until it grew out enough to be cut back.

Add that to the fact that Oct - Dec are always bad times for me.  Miss my sons over the holidays.  Is hard being so far away from them.

Will try posting more regularly.  This is the year that I want to get a bunch of stuff finished.


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

We are here to support you! Holidays can relly be stressful. I suffer from depression during the holidays too, though this year did not seem as bad as it usually is. I look forward to seeing what projects you share.
Happy New Year!
xx, Carol

I have the urge to eat Chinese food today. Don't know why.

Lin said...

Happy New Year Sandra - hope 2017 will be good for you. Good luck with all your projects - looking forward to seeing what you make. xxx