Friday, January 6, 2017

Hand Quilting WIP'S

HQ 1: Two fabric applique whimsical Christmas Tree.  About 1/3 quilted.

HQ 2 - 6:  A variety of stitcheries.  These will not have much quilting on them.

HQ7 - Am not happy with the corners so will remove them making it a hexagon shaped quilt.  Will quilt it a giant spiral from the center.  Still needs backing and binding (though I had some but can't seem to find it).  The picture only shows a section.

More posts coming still have machine quilting wip's, needing backing & binding wip's, and then the unfinished quilt top wip's

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Also a lovely group of projects! That star at the bottom is very appealing, and your stitcheries are great. I laughed at the one that says "It's all about the boots" because it tickled my funny bone.