Monday, October 24, 2016

How I do my Crazy Quilt blocks.

This is a block that I did for a Four Season - Autumn block swap for the group CQ for Newbies.  Will post a picture of the block I get when I get it.

1.  Decide on a paper pieced block design.  That all depends on the mood I am in or on a theme.  Do a basting stitch at the finished block size and again 1/4 inside so I know where to stop embellishing.  I then sew the block onto a larger piece of muslin for hooping.  ( Can add lace right into the seams but I don't do much with lace)

2.  Do the basic seam embroidery.  Again the seam design, colors etc depend on my mood or on a theme.

3.  Any other flat work.  Embroidery slightly raised embroidery etc.  This is also where I would add any applique or lace elements.  The center flower is Brazilian Embroidery, The black roses are Silk Ribbon Embroidery, the Moon and clouds are done as an embroidery slip (embroidered onto a piece of muslin then sewn onto the block.  I stuffed a bit of polyfil under the moon to give it more of a rounded effect),  The spider web in the lower right corner is very muted except in certain light then it glistens just like a real web.

4.  Now for the beads which can make a tremendous difference.  They aren't really showing up in the picture but there are a bunch of bold beads in the center.  When sunlight hits this block you have the center beads shine and the web glistening.  I am quite happy with it.


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I like that you shared your process. I'm pretty new to CQ and work on one seam at a time. Your process is more of a "layering" process and I like the idea of that. The stitching is lovely, especially the flower in the center. It's a very pretty block.
xx, Carol

Lin said...

Gorgeous block Sandra - I love the centre panel. xx

Sandra said...

Normally I respond to each individual comment in a private email. I will be unable to do this for a few days. I cut my finger and have stitches and it takes me forever to type.

Clare Lloyd said...

It's great

Anonymous said...

You take care of that cut finger! I liked reading about your process, and seeing your seams. The one near the spider web, looks kind of like lyres? Love that! I've never seen it anywhere, so I'm guessing you made it up. It's great!