Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Am still alive and kicking

Sorry for not posting for so long.  Just had so much stuff in RL again/still.

1.  Family reunion at the end of May was not sure about going.  Glad I did but won't be at the next one.

2.  Stayed with my mom for a week before the reunion, haven't seen her since my heart surgery in 2011.  She said some things that cut real deep.  We almost left and came home mid week.  Am still dealing with that one.

3.  Had entered a block into the Calendar competiton and the comments that were given back were somewhat negative and I took it pretty hard.  I probably will not enter any other competition.  I had to rush to finish the block because I needed to have my last surgery.

4.  We moved.  From the time we looked at the place to the time we moved in was a whirlwind 4 weeks and 2 days.  Am still unpacking and organizing.

5.  Haven't been able to do any crafts because of  #4.  Almost to the point where I can start again.

6.  Have a few things that I haven't shown yet.  Will post pictures once I unbury everything.

Will try to post more often again.


Magpie's Mumblings said...

So sorry you've been having such a difficult time and I truly hope that things are better now. I'm sorry that sharing the judges comments from the calendar contest proved to be upsetting...we had hoped that they would be taken as being constructive and helpful and I apologize if they didn't come across that way. Please don't be discouraged from trying again,whether it be the calendar or some other form of contest. Again, please accept my personal apology for any bad feeling we might have caused.

Lin said...

Good to hear from you Sandra but sorry that you have been having a bit of a rough time. Wow! - moved in 4 weeks, how on earth did you manage that one!! I do hope that things are starting to look up. xx

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Hello Sandra. I'm so glad to see you post. I have been wondering how you are doing. It's sad that you had a difficult visit with your mother. My daughter and I have had some bumps and I always hate when we are at odds. Usually it is her that hurts me, but not matter how it happens, it's hard to deal with. I can totally understand what might have happened at the reunion. I never understand why families don't pull together, but usually most family members are not even our friends. I have eliminated those people from my life that cause me grief. I hate it that you feel you won't enter another competition. Even if my stitching was better I probably wouldn't because I am intimidated. But you took the step, so take another and please continue posting your work. I have lived in the same house since '76 and hope I never have to move. However, when I win the lottery, I'll build a better house, hire a landscaper, and purge a lot of stuff before the moving van comes, lol.

I hope you are feeling well. You didn't mention how you are feeling.
xx, Carol

Mary Ann said...

I'm glad to see you back posting. Sorry to hear about you and your mum. Mothers are a law unto themselves and they do have their opinions. They forget that children grow up and become their own person. My mum and I had a very stormy relationship at times.

I cannot imagine moving in such a short time. It would take me 4 weeks just to pack stuff.

Anonymous said...

Family pain is the worst kind, and I'm so sorry your mother said hurtful things to you. I'm glad that you are happy you went to the reunion, at least. Sometimes spending too much time with family can be a negative, and sometimes an hour is too much time with some of my family! =) I know you will forgive and move on, because that's the kind of person you are, but not opening that door for more is a good idea, too.

As for competitions, the only opinion which really matters is your own. If you love the piece, take any comments that you felt were valid and dump the rest. It's hard when all you have is something in writing, aren't hearing a voice, seeing a face. I expect they didn't mean to be hurtful, but that doesn't always help us when we are first hurt. I have never felt the urge to enter anything anywhere, and doubt that I ever do. I just like to do it and look at it myself. =) Besides, there's all your blog audience who loves seeing what you do!

It's good news that you are almost ready to start stitching, as you unpack your boxes. I've missed seeing what you're up to!