Friday, February 10, 2012

Using wax crayons in quilting

Has anyone tried this yet?  I came across a few places that talk about it and was thinking of trying it.  I have read several tutorials now just need to find a picture suitable for it. 

If you have tried it let the rest of us know your results.  Post a picture if you want.


Glenda said...

Yes I have. I have colored several pics with crayons. It works out really well. They were gifts so don't know if they washed out or not.
They have fabric crayons but I understand you can use either. I did a sachet at work with reg crayons for them to color in their design. Worked out good.

dorothy said...

We did it a quild meeting a couple of years ago, and there was a bom on one of the many blogs I follow too, in 2010. The results can be great. If you set it the wax correctly, colors last too! Sorry don't have pictures.