Monday, January 16, 2012

Items finished this last week

Or at least mainly finished.:)

My Snow Hearts (pattern was a BoM from )

 As you can see I need to finish the quilting then bind it.

Next is still a WiP  the picture shows some of the applique pieces that I have prepared for my Mimi's Bloomers Quilt.

Spent most of my time working on this project.  Have the leaves and flower petals all ready to starch and press as well.

Last but definitely not least.  My own design.  Saint Patrick's Day Wall Hanging

There are words in the Shamrock.  We opted for subtlety in the stitching.  Between that and our camera the words "Happy Saint Patrick's Day" do not show up in the picture.

So over all a productive week.


Karen said...

Wish I could find that pot of gold!

Heide said...

How cute! Are you going to post a tutorial?

Susan said...

Both great projects! I collected the snow hearts, but haven't done any yet. My computer needs to break so I don't get any more patterns! But, I like the idea of your giveaway! LOL That's perfect for the holiday.

Becky said...

Laughing at Susan's comment! I think the entire memory of my computer is almost full of patterns too!

The snowflakes/hearts are sooooo pretty. And I have a deep love for your St Patrick's design!

mary said...

Love your dancing Patty's.