Monday, April 30, 2012

A finish and a WiP all in one.

I finished the main body of my Atlantis Quilt (pattern by Southwind Designs).  However, I want this for my queen bed so am making a pattern for the sides and foot of the bed. 

Here is the main body with inner border attached not attached.

Here is a panel for the inner border.  Top one is peeled back bottom one isn't yet.  Peeling back gives it that lovely curved look.

The above is as far as the pattern takes me (after attaching the inner border that is).

This is my pattern for the sides  There will be 4 panels (the picture shows 2 of them joined) for each side and 3 panels for the foot of the bed.  The corners will be solid blue with possibly an applique on it haven't decided yet.  The side panels have not been peeled back yet.

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