Wednesday, August 22, 2012

W.I.P. - August 22 2012

Well... I haven't posted anything for a few weeks.  I am okay just had some stuff to deal with. 

I have fallen behind in a few BoM's but I will eventually get caught back up. 

Projects currently on the go.

1.  Atlantis quilt is partially quilted (haven't touched it in 2 weeks because of health issues).

2.  Local quilt shop BoM July and August blocks are done.  July has been done for over a month but noticed I never posted a picture.

3.  Forget Me Not BoM July block has been done for awhile.  August block fused down but not sewn.

4.  Carol Doak Mystery BoM is a few months behind.

5.  Mimi's Bloomers is July block is done.  Below is a picture of all the blocks to date laid out.

 Within the next month I hope to have some of the Local Quilt Shop BoM Sewn together to people can see what it will look like.


Karen said...

Mini Bloomers is going to be a gorgeous quilt when done.

Dora, the Quilter said...

I like all these blocks, but the forget-me-not is my favorite. How joyous!

Bunny said...

Oh li seel you are busy each month with all your different list. They all are fantastic.
I enjoyed visiting. bunny

Allison said...

oh, 'Mimi's Bloomers' is so pretty!

jjthor said...

love your blocks!! Hope things go better for you this next month. Relax and let the sewing take you away for awhile. Best wishes.

Anonymous said...

I've been catching up a little on your blog and a few others. I don't have time for all the ones I'd like to read! Your blocks are looking beautiful! Hope everything is picking up positively for you.

Esther Aliu said...

These are all so lovely! You're definitely making up for lost time