Friday, January 4, 2013

Finally a finish (sort of)

After a very long year I have finally gotten all of my "Mimi's Bloomers designed by Erin Russek of One Piece at a Time" blocks appliqued.  Am acually quite shocked that I managed to stay somewhat caught up.  Finished 3 blocks in the last month.  Here are the pictures of the blocks.  Some you have seen before and some you haven't.

You can still get the pattern for all but the center block for free on her website.  Not sure how much longer she will have them as she is starting a new BoM this month.

All of the applique was hand stitched


Anonymous said...

Your blocks are gorgeous! I'm so proud of you for finishing this project. This is a completely wonderful thing.

Rhonda said...

WOW Sandra! What a great finish. My hat is off to you!!!!