Wednesday, March 6, 2013

WIP 3-6-2013

My first 2 WIP's have me a little sad.  For those that don't know I lost my right breast to cancer.  I have a spacer in for the reconstruction which will happen after I finish Radiation Therapy.  I quilted my LQS BoM quilt on my home machine and started quilting Mimi's Bloomers the same way.  I started getting severe pain on my right side, chest and arm.  Well I cannot do any quilting except on really small projects until I heal up from the reconstruction so... no actual quilting for me until the fall :(

Here are my WIP's

1.  Mimi's Bloomers 2012 BoM from Erin Russek - being packed away until the fall.  Is about 1/3 of the way quilted.

2.  Noah's Ark quilt pattern from - Was going to be a gift for my niece/nephew due in August but like Mimi's will need to be packed away to be quilted in the fall.

3.  Last block of Esther Aliu's Forget me Not -  stems and leaves are stitched down as well as part of the flowers.  Just need to finish the stitching down and do some embroidery for the stamens.

4.  Came across these awhile back online and thought they were so cute.  Pattern from  she has several different patterns which were free.  These are pincushions but for me just cute decorations once I get them finished.  The red one still needs beading around the edge then folded up like the blue Tricorn.  They all need to have the stuffing hole covered still.

5.  Have hardly touched my Witches in Stitches need to get on that.

Will be linking up with Esther's WOW and Freshly Pieced WIP Wednesday


Connie said...

Sandra, your projects and quilts are beautiful! I am so sorry to hear about your cancer and hope things are doing better for you! Hugs!

dorothy said...

Your Noah's Ark turned out great!