Monday, June 24, 2013

Just my luck

Well surgery went good.  Plastic Surgeon was happy with it.  Was told minimal usage of my right arm for at least a week.  No shower for 3 days etc etc.  Well couldn't wait for Sunday to come around which was day 3.  Shower and could finally get rid of all that packing that was digging in.

Thursday came home and lazed around didn't do much but was up and about.  Friday again took it easy no crafts minimal typing but again was up and about.  Saturday morning hit and was no long up and about.  We suspect that the antibiotics he gave me affected my Acid Reflux and worst attack in 20 years.  Popping pain killers, antacids, and could only eat crackers.  Any other food made the reflux worse.  Saturday night managed to eat a piece of bread with minimal jam on it for flavor.  This was not fun.  Sunday morning came felt okay so went to have a small bowl of cereal with banana.  What a mistake relux back full strength again. So back to Saturday's treatment.  After hubbie looking online we figured it was the antibiotic and the potassium from the banana reacting together and flaring up the relux.  I was in more pain from that than from the surgery.  We are hoping we have it under control now.  Am on nothing but bland foods and keeping those crackers close.

Other than my reflux adventure the surgery seems to be healing good.  I can use my right arm but only minimally.  What I didn't know beforehand was that he had to split 3 muscles in order to put the implant in place.  Which is why minimal usage for a week or two.

So hopefully I will be able to start working on stuff next week.  Until then happy stitching.



BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Wow.....feel better. So glad the surgery part is doing good.

Tammy said...

I am glad you are up and about. So sad to hear you are haveing such a horriabel bout of reflux. I hope you get healed up quickly and can get back to useing your right arm. I know how debilitating it is to not be abel to do the stuff we used to do without even thinking about it. Oh I am so dreading all this upcomeing surgery.