Friday, November 21, 2014

My CQJP 2015 blocks

Been trying to decide what I wanted to do for these.  Keep in mind that I am new to cq'ing.  Decided to do neutral back ground blocks and just use them for practicing.  So not going with any set plan in mind.  There will be plenty of embroidery, SRE, and I hope some stumpwork.

Other than that haven't really been doing much.  Next week I want to get all the prep done for my Bali quilt class.  Have a lot of reading and cutting to do :(


Lin said...

Hello Sandra - I have signed up for the CQJP as well so looking forward to seeing what you do. xx

Anonymous said...

Neutral blocks are great to work on. Have you decided whether your threads will be neutral or colors? There are just so many possibilities! Do you have laces to add? I'm in again, too. I should probably finish at least one of the three previous years' projects first, but ... oh, well!