Tuesday, May 12, 2015

What I have been working on.

I have been concentrating on my Stitchmap BCQC class lately.

I am ready to start embroidery on my projects.  In Stitchmap you have a finished product in each class you take.  No blocks floating around when done.

This one will be a Thread Roll Up

These 2 will be needle books.

This one will be a pin cushion.

On top of these I am trying to keep up with my local BoM's and my Feathered Star class.  Everything else I have been letting slide a bit. 

I have just signed up for Kathy's ICQC103 Embellishing with Threads class.   Luckily the blocks for this class were made up in an earlier class.


Lin said...

Lots of lovely embellishing to come then Sandra. xx

Anonymous said...

I look forward to seeing all the wonderful stitching you are going to do. Thinking on what's in my drawers, all embellished, I imagine that if I took this class, I'd still have more unfinished things to complete someday. =)

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

I'm doing absolutely nothing...:) Your fabrics and quilting are lovely.