Wednesday, June 24, 2015

What I have been working on.

Finally finsihed my April CQJP block.  Still not completely happy with the upper right corner but anything I tried just didn't seem to fit so am leaving it alone.

Can you find all 4 of the Easter Eggs?

Have most of the basic seams done for the May block.  


Lin said...

A lovely finish Sandra and yes, I found four eggs. Lots of pretty flowers - how did you do the one top left? xx

Anonymous said...

I think I found all four. You did a great job of hiding them. I love the upper right corner. Maybe something will occur to you when you join blocks, but it looks fine to me as it is. I like your start for the May block, too. Great work! I'm getting ready to start May, just as soon as I make the block. =)