Monday, December 7, 2015

Giveaway time

I am still waiting to hear about chemo.  Should find out this Friday.

As the title says it is giveaway time.  Rusty has been itching to pick names again.

Will draw 2 names for a variety of patterns each.  I believe they all came from shop hops and/or were given to me.

Comments - How about telling me a little bit of where you are.

Hoops to jump through - NONE except I must be able to contact you via email.  So if you are a no-reply blogger leave an email address in your comment.  syvisser@gmail(dot)com is a safe format which I have used several times with no problems.  If I cannot contact you I will have Rusty pick another name.

Names will be drawn on Saturday Dec 12 or Sunday Dec 13, 2015.


barbara woods said...

i live in the beautiful mountains of N. Ga

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Hi Sandra. Don't you hate the waiting game. Keep positive thoughts.
I live in what used to be a rural area. Not at all urban now, but with a Walmart a mile away, its grown up quite a bit since we moved here 40 years ago. I live in Northern Indiana My home is about 25 miles west of Notre Dame University. I am 5 miles from the Michigan State line. A bay to the St. Joseph River is at the end of my 3 block long road. It's a manufacturing area, with Elkhart which is where most RVs in the country are made. But we are also a large farming area with a huge Amish population.

Boy, that was a lot to tell. I always love to hear about where my blog friends live too.
xx, Carol

hennies.pennies said...

Sandra, you are on my prayer list...I know the waiting is the most difficult. We are all action focused; try to let your heart rest and think about the meaning of this special season.
I'm originally from Maine, my husband and I moved to SC about 8 years ago. I love it here, but do miss my children and grandchildren and the beautiful Maine summers. I try to visit as often as I can!

Lesley UK said...

Hi Sandra, the waiting is the worst, isn't it? You know we're all thinking of you and keeping you in our hearts and prayers. Blessings.
I live in a tiny village in Norfolk, which is a county in the East of England. It's extremely quiet here, and we love it.

Lin said...

Hello Sandra - horrid to have to wait. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.
I am from the UK but have been living in rural France for 20 years. We have a large garden and amazing view with a quirky house that we have made less quirky over the years!
I am off to UK on Thursday for three weeks over Christmas - it's looking cold! xx

Sally said...

Keeping you in my thoughts. I'm from Arizona, about a mile from the Colorado River and 5 miles north of I40

Mary Ellen said...

Hi Sandra Waiting is the pits.I live in Newfoundland .Canada it is an Island on the East Coast. Discovered by John Cabot in 1497 ,for England.The Vikings visited on the Northern Tip ,over a thousand years ago .A village was discovered there.Our summers are short temp seldom get higher than 20-24 c,and may drop to -17c in the Winter.The winds can be a problem getting of or on the Island as it sometimes reaches to 160ks although you can leave by Air Plane on the sw coast where i live it is most likely by boat,as the nearest Airport is 3 1/2hrs away.I my self live only a few minutes walk from the ocean.Merry Christmas to you ,and sending you wishes for better Health in 2016

Anonymous said...

Hi, Sandra, I'm hoping your news is good and soon! I'm at the other end of I-40 from Sally, but I'd rather be on her end! =) Actually not that far from Barbara! Maybe 100 miles north of her.

Merry Christmas, and wishing you the very best. I hope you are getting to stitch a bit! Thanks for the giveaway!

dezertsuz at gmail

Lorna said...

I'm in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The weather here has been very mild. I can't believe it's December 9th and we don't need heavy overcoats.

Terri - Palm Bay, FL said...

Waiting for medical stuff is always hard. I will keep you and yours in our prayers. I am currently located in SE Palm Bay, Florida and have been here just a little over 2 years. Moved here from Northern Michigan and must say that I prefer the over abundance of sunshine and warmth to the cold and snow. At least in Florida, you don't have to shovel rain! Thank you for all that you do and the wonderful eye candy you provide.

Terri at the Drake's Nest in Palm Bay, FL