Thursday, July 20, 2017

Personal Challenge (formerly my 2020 challenge) First block.

Not completed but I have had so many other things going on.  Figured it was about time I showed a picture.

The cretan stitch seam with the red arrows is waiting for some sequins or Fargo Roses.

The feather stitch seam is waiting for some bullions.

The chevron is waiting for some Brazilian cast on stitches.

The double herringbone is waiting for some sequins or beads (haven't decided yet).

The side seam by the tree will be some shiny fiber couched down in a zig zag shape with some type of small flower embroidered.

The bottom section will be some type of brazilian flower.

 The section beside the tree with be some type of silk ribbonflower.

The middle section with the tree will have a 3 dimensional butterfly which will be the last thing added.

That is as far as my thought process has gone so far.

I am not going to stress the 2020 unique items nor even getting it done on a certain time so guess it is going to be changed from a 2020 challenge to a personal challenge.


Lin said...

You have made a great start Sandra. Your plans sound good. xx

Anonymous said...

That's a great start, and farther than I've gotten with mine. =) I like that you have a basic stitch on each seam. A class I had at a retreat was taught by a woman who said that if you could do the Cretan, Herringbone, Chevron, Feather/Buttonhole and Chain stitches, you could decorate anything. You've just about got that covered!