Friday, September 7, 2012


Got a phone call from the radiologist today.  The results were back from the biopsies.  The 2 masses are both malignant.  He didn't say if the biopsy of the lymph node was cancerous or not but he did say that they need to be removed.  I see the surgeon at noon on Monday so will find out the course of treatment that is best for my situation.


BillieBee (billiemick) said...

I'll keep you in my prayers Sandra.

Sally said...

Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers

maggie said...

Dear Sandra,
I know that the news is very scary , I'm so sorry that you are having to go through all of this. I know it seems easy to say this, but try to keep a positive out look. I am praying for you and look forward to hearing from you that all will be well. Hugs,