Thursday, October 4, 2012

Health Update

Surgery was at noon Tuesday Oct 2.  They kept me in overnight for observation.  I am home now but don't have full use of my right arm.  So now the real torture has arrived.  I can't do any of my crafts for a few more days then can try some hand work.

Am supposed to start chemo in about a month so will be in and out of touch for awhile still.



barbara woods said...

praying for your speedy recovery

Pat V. said...

Sandra, my thoughts and prayers are with you! God bless.

Sally said...

HOpe you get back to all the things you love soon. Glad to hear surgery went well and that you're home!

Anonymous said...

I'd missed this one before. That brought back a memory that's been buried for years - the day my mother could lift her arm high enough to pin clothes on the clothesline. What a celebration we had!