Monday, March 24, 2014

Local BoM's

I was going to drop 2 once the current ones were completed.  Now will only be dropping 1 of them.  Found out next years for the 1 is going to be batiks in colors I adore so will be signing up again :)  The other one I will be dropping.

Local BoM 1.  3rd block of the year.  Am using my material Stonehenge Caribbean except for the background which is also Stonehenge but from a different collection.

Local BoM 2.  Here is my corrected block from last month and block #11.

Local BoM 3.  Can't do the block as the material they supplied wasn't big enough.  Talked to them and I can pick it up next month.  They are on the other side of town.

1 comment:

desertskyquilts said...

I like the block fabrics you've picked. I thought you *meant* to have block 2 a little different! =) Interesting how different the green looks from block 2 to block 3, with different shapes and amounts. The contrast on parts with the Stonehenge fabrics is perfect.