Monday, March 24, 2014

March Goal - met

Got it done this morning after miscutting and other mishaps.  Was going to do castles for my niece but found out she isn't interested in them so much anymore.  Her big thing currently is horses, so....

Here is her wallhanging.  Will also be her christmas gift this year.

Horses were machine embroidered not my digitizing not sure where I got the designs from.  Background material is cut into a hexie shape leaving room to turn over the black material without being on top of the horse.  Make a quilt sandwich with the back/frame being larger.  Fold the back/frame over twice and stitch down.  I used the sewing machine but could be done by hand.  Then I just zigzagged them together.

Linking up to ALYoF was number 75 on the goal list and A Handmade Christmas Challenge.  Both have buttons on my sidebar.  Go check out the eye candy.

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Shanna of Fiber of All Sorts said...

Fantastic. It's so hard for me to get anything done for my teenager before the wind blows and shes onto something new. Fantastic finish. Thanks for linking up.