Monday, June 9, 2014

Shop Hop Goodies

Here is what I won or purchased.

Went with just hubbie and myself and had a lot of fun.  We have very similar tastes so he will sometimes point out something that I might have missed and vice versa.  Oh yes I am still on a fabric diet until the end of this month but as he said "You are on the diet not me" so yes I ended up with some yard cuts and even 1- 2yd cut of batiks.  What do you think 'Am I spoilt or what?'


Unknown said...

Definitely not spoilt. Not spoilt at all :)

John - AKA - The Hubbie :)

Tammy said...

spoilt rotten it appears lol...enjoy it

Lin said...

mmmmm - nice collection of goodies! Lucky lady. xx