Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Suggestions wanted please

Suggestions wanted please

Something is missing and not sure what to put into the lower right corner.  Also am not sure if I should stitch on this silkie or not.  Was considering stitching between the hat and his face, also just the sergeant strips on his shirt.  What are your thoughts?

The rulers are covering up his name and date of birth.  I don't feel comfortable showing that info anywhere on the internet. 


Linda said...

It looks great! How about the baby's initials stitched in the corner? And I wouldn't stitch between the face and the hat but yes on the the stripes. Whatever you end up doing will be amazing!
Have fun with it.

Anonymous said...

I was thinking maybe swing a line in a curve under the little bear - something similar to the lines that go just above and to the left. Or initials was a good suggestion. I generally don't stitch on silkies, but you are the only one who can really decide that part. The block is cute as anything.