Saturday, December 20, 2014

Progress on CQJP Feb 2015 block

Yes you read that title correctly.  I am trying to get ahead as there is almost always something that comes up/happens that prevents me from doing my crafts during the winter months.

Here is the picture with the seams done.  Sorry for that shadow, my head got in the way.

I have a motif and some silk ribbon flowers to add still.  The vine above the couple will have sequins which will be added later.  Same as the beads at the end of the leaves on both the right and left hand seams.  Still want to add a french knot to the center of the flowers in the lower vine.

If you enlarge the block the hand basting is the 8 inch mark.  I am figuring my blocks will be 8.5 or 9 inch finished.  I just haven't decided whether to sash them and join them altogether or use them as individual wall hangings.


Anonymous said...

VERY pretty, Sandra! I really like the way you are developing the block and I can imagine the additions you mentioned. Love the center piece. Even if you are 2 months ahead of me. =)

Tammy said...

Very pretty work Sandra

shawkl said...

I love that you are working ahead..and YES life does happen, so having a little buffer will be a great plan! Just don't forget to send in your photos for posting to the group's blog. Hugs!

Brenda Clayton said...

Saw your block, love the little people, did you paint the fabric first?