Wednesday, December 31, 2014

What I learned Craft Wise this past year.


2012 - Paper piecing (has it uses but am not crazy about it)

2013 - Applique freezer paper & starch method ( really enjoy it)
            Applique raw edge (really enjoy this as well)
            Tail end of the year got interested in Crazy Quilting and was drooling over Silk Ribbon                               Embroidery
            Discovered Hexies (those addicting little suckers)


2014 -  Took some CQ classes with Kathy Shaw and am addicted.   These classes also covered SRE                        (silk ribbon embroidery).
         -  Learnt to be wary of having hubbie attend local BoM's.  I got signed up for a Judy Niemeyer                    class, as well as an upcoming Feathered Star class.
         - Greatly increased skill of hand embroidery (stitchmap class)


- am hoping to expand knowledge through classes from Stitchmap

- will be expanding my knowledge and skill at CQ & SRE doing the CQJP (see button on sidebar) am also hoping that Kathy has some more intermediate & advanced classes this year.

- Bali bedrunner class towards the end of Jan (Judy Niemeyer pattern) so in depth paper piecing.

- Feather Star class Jan or Feb

- will be learning quilting on a long arm in Jan as well.  Then have several quilts that are waiting to be finished.

Some time later this week will be making a list of the ufo's that I want DONE this year.   I don't think I will be doing any online BoM's but will be collecting several this year.  I really need to destress and get some of these projects finished which will also help to preserve peace and space in my home life.


Lin said...

Good luck with all your plans for 2015 and I hope that you have a very happy year. xx

Anonymous said...

Great plans, Sandra! Did you buy a longarm? Lucky you, if so! I know you are going to do so well with all these wonderful projects for 2015.