Monday, January 26, 2015

What I have been up to.

Sorry for ignoring my blog.  Most of what I have been working on I was unable to show you.

What I have on the go.

CQJP 2015 - January block done and posted
                      February block done - not posted

Spring Bouquet - block 1 done and posted quite awhile ago.
                           - block 2 done - not posted
                           - block 3 in the prep stage

Pin cushion swap - January block done, mailed, and has been received so here is the picture. (1 of the                                items haven't been able to show you ).  All hand embroidery.  The D is filled with                                stem stich and the leaves and flowers are silk ribbon embroidery.


                         This is the pincushion I received from Laila in Norway.

Local Quilt Shop BoM's  -  Floyds just started haven't done Jan block yet.

                                         -  My Sisters - 6 blocks done now.  7th comes out on the 31.  Then we are                                                                      back on track from the holidays.  Will post a picture after I                                                                       get the 7th block done.

Bali Bedrunner - will post about this and the class later this week.

Also I still need to post my UFO's that I want to get done this year.

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Anonymous said...

Your hand embroidery is beautiful! How hard was that to give away? I wouldn't have wanted to!