Thursday, February 16, 2017

2-13-2017 better late than never

I meant to post on Monday but one thing led to another and I got busy and it slipped my mind.

I have 7 mini wallhangings with the binding and sleeves on just need to hand sew the bottom of the sleeves.

Made up 2 CQ block bases for a swap.  Have most of the seams done on 1 of them but now I need to take a break from all hand work.

This winter has been real hard on my skin.  It has been so dry and cold that my skin and nails are having fits.  I broke my thumb nail awhile ago and it split down into the pink (owie).  Now it is curling and causing my skin to split.  Thought it was healed but the embroidery yesterday split it open again.  So will be taking a break from all hand crafts until the silly thing heals.

Will keep you posted.  Guess today I tidy my sewing room and get ready to machine quilt.


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I have those skin issues as well. MY nails have taken a turn for the worse. I used to wear gloves when I washed dishes. When I worked I kept my nails well manicured. When I retired, for some reason I no longer used the gloves. While I have been bedridden for two weeks, my nails are 100& improved. Need to o back to wearing gloves when I wash dishes.
xx, Carol

Anonymous said...

That sounds really painful! I hope it doesn't keep you sidelined for too long. You could do machine blocks, maybe, without too much irritation.