Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Finally a finish!

I have been feeling sorry for myself and have been feeling very frustrated.  Have had hand/finger injuries one after the other for the past few months.  Now they all finally seem to be healed and I can stitch again.

Got these all quilted/bound/hanging sleeves attached.  These with what I already have done from a few years ago;  I now have something for all holidays except Easter and need something patriotic.  Hope to have something for those 2 holidays by the end of the year.

Next project(s) are to get these ready to hang.  Decided to do them as single wall hangings and have the perfect spot for 10 possibly 12 of them in my living room.  Still need to do the blocks for November and December.  The blocks are pieced but have not even started on the seams.

Hope to have something else to show you in the next week or 2.  Am also busy working in the yard/garden and the weather has been so mild that I can get a head start.


Lin said...

Nice work Sandra - glad to hear your fingers are all healed and you back stitching. xx

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Thankfully you are healed Sandra. These are such cute pieces. I especially like the ones with sayings.

Anonymous said...

How exciting to have all that progress on the little seasonal hangings! The CQ looks gorgeous. That will make a nice wall of beauty, too. I'm so glad all the finger issues have cleared up and you are stitching again! Enjoy that, and your gardening, too.