Wednesday, July 30, 2014

W.I.P. - 7-30-2014

Haven't touched my hexie quilt.  Just had too much other stuff on the go.

Local BoM's

 1 block left to make next month then we start on the setting triangles then the borders.  When this is done we will have a complete quilt top.

This one just started on Saturday.  I couldn't resist the colors.

Am taking another Crazy Quilt Class with Kathy Shaw.  This is the intermediate class for those that completed her beginners class.  Here are my blocks to date.  This class just started as well and is only up to task 3.

 The sequins/beads are only placed on there am thinking of using light yellow instead of the gold.  The tree doesn't show up much in the photo is better in person.

Other than the above have been doing a pincushion swap and other misc projects.  See you all next week.

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Lin said...

Your crazy blocks look interesting and I too love the colours in that gorgeous blue green block. xx